Are You Ready for a Life Change!

Are you tired of taking medication for an ailment and seeing no results?

Do you wish there was more you could do for your kids when they are sick?

Are you up all night, despite taking sleeping pills to help you get some rest?

Are you fed up with the anxiety medications you are taking?

Do you hate the side effects of your current medication?

The Essential Oil Brand I Stand Behind

I NEVER recommend a product that I don’t personally use and love. This is why I choose dōTERRA. I used dōTERRA for several months before I made the decision to share it. dōTERRA sets the standard for the highest, purest essential oil on the market. With so many different essential oil brands on the market, it’s hard to know which brand is the best.

I don’t know anyone in the world who would not first choose a natural solution for a wellness issue if it worked.

I researched more about dōTERRA and discovered a few remarkable things about their oils:

  • They test each and every batch of oils….not just once, but 7 different ways! 
  • They follow strict and sustainable growing and harvesting processes.
  • They source their oils in their indigenous environment.
  • The oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG with no fillers, artificial ingredients, synthetic chemical substitutes or contaminants of any kind.

What are dōTERRA essential oil?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. If you have ever enjoyed the gift of a rose, a walk by a field of lavender, or the smell of fresh cut mint, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Try this at home: Squeeze the peel of a ripe orange. The fragrant residue on your hand is full of essential oils.

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Modern scientific study and trends towards more holistic approaches to wellness are driving a revival and new discovery of essential oil health applications.


For more information please visit our dōTERRA website and Like our Facebook page ‘I have an oil for that’. Once you are enrolled with us, we will add you to our private group Derya’s Oily Wellness Team.

Alternatively you  may wish to order retail here or contact us directly on to find out more.


Why the Loyalty Rewards Program?

Once you fall in love with your oils the next step is to learn about dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards program (LRP). The LRP program is like a frequent flyer program for dōTERRA. The program rewards you for placing a monthly order and has many benefits over placing a standard order.


The smartest way to purchase and continuing to fill that need.

The dōTERRA LRP or Loyalty Rewards Program provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program. This program is:

Completely optional

and is the best way to purchase if you use dōTERRA products regularly. As a participant in the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits that can be used as cash to purchase dōTERRA product. The longer you participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the more credits you can earn—up to 30% of your total monthly LRP purchases.  You can start or stop at any time.  If you stop the program, be sure and cash in your Loyalty Rewards Points first or else they will be forfeited.  Keep in mind, if you stop the program and choose to start again, you will begin at the 10% level.

Loyalty Rewards Credits


LRP Basics

      • 1-49pv order keeps you on the program, and maintains your points though you do not increase in percentages.
      • 50pv+ earns points, as well as earning a percentage back on your order.
      • 100pv qualifies you for bonuses and full doTERRA commission.
      • 125pv+ by the 15th of the month gets you Free Product of the Month and option to any other special promotions.
      • Set to ship between the 1st 28th of each month – can be changed along with items up to 24 hours before processed.
      • Points are processed on the 15th of every month, so they will show up in your account the following month on the 15th.

Earning Commission

      • Fast Start bonus is paid weekly, and is paid on each New Enrollee’s first order volume, and consecutive purchases for the next 60 days. doTERRA knows that sometimes we need money weekly and that’s why they created this weekly incentive. But:
      • In order to receive the commission check on Fast Start, the LRP order/template in your back office must be set at 100pv at all times even if you are not submitting the order just yet. You can change product before and after, but it to receive commission it must process 100pv 1 time that month.
      • Continue to earn 20%, 10%, and 5% on all future enrollments for the first 60 days. Example a new enrollee starts with a Natural Solutions Kit at 400PV * 20% = $80 Fast Start = Fast Money.

Highlights + Perks

      • No hassle, automatic shipment of doTERRA products you use on a monthly basis.
      • Receive up to 30% back in pv points on your orders purchased towards more product.
      • Use your LRP product credits as cash to purchase more.
      • Freedom to change your LRP order (items), as well as the date it ships.
      • Convenient way to meet monthly PV and bonus qualification requirements.
      • Powerful loyalty incentive for new customers and consultants you personally sponsor.
      • Get free product of the month, along with any other products through specials.


Terms and Conditions

      • Minimum monthly Loyalty Rewards order of 50 PV to earn product credits
      • No maximum monthly credit accumulation limit
      • Product credits expire 12 months from the date of issue
      • Product credits can be used to purchase full PV products only
      • Product credits can be redeemed online
      • Redemption orders cannot be combined with other product orders and have no PV
      • A redemption fee of $3 per 100 points, applicable taxes, and shipping and handling charges will apply
      • Must be an LRP participant for 60 days before credits can be redeemed
      • All product credits will be immediately cancelled with LRP cancellation
      • Product credits have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable
      • Products purchased with LRP credits are not for resale
      • Cancellation of LRP order must take place over the telephone by calling Member Services at 02 80155080


LRP Q & A:

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program? doTERRA’s new Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a way to have your favorite doTERRA essential oils and products shipped to you automatically every month. It is also a way to earn PV (point value) credits that can then be redeemed for FREE product!

What are the advantages of an LRP order as opposed to a regular order?

  • An LRP order gives back. Instead of spending dollars and getting nothing back ie. regular order, on an LRP order you earn PV points – $1 per point – building up your $1 point bank to turn around and purchase more product off of what you have already invested for free.
  • Earn Free Product of the Month on LRP orders of 125pv and up.
  • Earn points on LRP orders of 50pv and up.
  • Get the Free Product of the Month and any other 10% off specials or free gifts like the charm to the right.
  • If you are building a business with doTERRA it is a convenient way to meet monthly PV and bonus qualification requirements.

How do I set up an LRP order?
First  follow the steps here – with doTERRA, then go into your back office, on the left hand side of the page under Quick Links, click on “Loyalty Rewards Orders”. (If you are not sure what your back office is, or how to get into it, go to and click on “new IPC tutorials”)

Do I have to get the same products every month?
No, you have until midnight MST the day before your LRP order ships to make changes. You can change the products you are getting, change where it is shipped, change the payment method and/or change the date. It’s totally flexible. You can also call and a representative can do it immediately as long as it hasn’t processed yet.

What dates can I have my LRP order shipped and can I change it?
You can choose any day of the month between the 1st and the 28th. You can always change the date you want product shipped. It’s very flexible. If you can’t make an order by the 15th to get the free product of the month, no worries, you don’t have to. But don’t cancel otherwise you start at square one. Just donate a $1 to the Foundation and it keeps your account open.

How do I earn LRP points?
Place an LRP order of 50pv or higher and you can earn a percentage of your order in LRP points. The longer you continuously participate in the program, the higher the percentage. Months 1-3 is 10%, 4-6 is 15%, 7-9 is 20%, 10-12 is 20%, 13th month and beyond is 30%. As long as you maintain an LRP order every month, your points will continue to accrue.

Ie. I have an LRP order of $126.87 and I am at month 5 earning 15% off of purchases. Therefore I will earn 19.03 points towards free product.

How do I know how many LRP points I have, and is there a limit as to how many I can earn each month? 
You can find your LRP points in your back office on the main page, right under your organizational volume. There is no limit as to how many points you can earn each month.

How do I redeem my LRP credit points, and is there a fee?
To redeem your points, simply check the box next to the item you’re ordering that says “use LRP”. There is a $3 service fee for every 100 points redeemed, plus any applicable taxes and shipping/handling charges.

What products are redeemable with my LRP points?
You can redeem your credit points for any product that has a point value (pv) the same as it’s wholesale price. All of doTERRA’s single oils and blends have a dollar for dollar pv. Products vary. Product kits are not redeemable through the LRP program.

Can I use my LRP points in conjunction with another order?
No, LRP reward points can only be redeemed as a separate order.

How soon can I redeem my LRP points, and do they expire?
You may redeem your points as soon as you have been an LRP participant for 60 days. LRP points are available every 15th of the following month, and expire after 12 months.

Is there a penalty for canceling my monthly LRP order?
No, you can cancel any time by calling Member Services (800) 411-8171. The only way to cancel your LRP order is by calling doTERRA directly. You can not “zero out” your order from your back office. All unused LRP credits are forfeited upon cancellation.

What if I place an LRP order for less than 50pv?
Any order less than 50pv will not earn credit points, and will not count towards advancing to a higher percentage rate. However, you will not lose any credit points, and you will not lose the percentage rate you are currently getting.

Are there any other incentives for participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program?
Yes! Earning free products of the month and knowing that you are getting something back for investing in your own health care. When you give you get.

If I enrol to purchase products at wholesale prices, does that mean I have to sell dōTERRA?

No! You always have the option to make a commission and residual income by enrolling others, but you absolutely do not have to. You can personally enrol simply for the benefit of the 25% discount.

How much does it cost to enrol?

The cost is $35 the first year. If you purchase one of dōTERRA’s enrolment kits when you sign up, the $35 fee is included in the price of your kit.

How much does the membership cost each year after the first year?

The cost after the first year is $25 to renew your membership each year, plus they send you a bottle of Peppermint essential oil when you renew.

Why is there a fee to sign up?

Think of it as similar to a Costco or frequent flyers membership. You pay a membership fee to be able to shop at their stores and purchase items that you can’t purchase other places. dōTERRA is the same, except that the products are shipped right to your door.

What is an enrolment kit?

An enrolment kit is a collection of products that dōTERRA has put together, so that you can try some of their best-selling oils without having to guess at which ones you need. Purchasing one of these kits when you enrol, already includes the $35 enrolment fee.

Do I have to purchase an enrolment kit when enrolling?

Nope. You can pick and choose what you want, “a la carte” style, instead of a kit, if you choose. By doing it this way, you are charged the $35 enrolment fee in addition to the products that you’ve added to your cart.