Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

Every moment of our existence we are making a choice about our health. Whether we know it or not, we are either staying static with our health, moving towards illness and disease or moving towards optimal well-being. In this seminar you will learn where you are living on the spectrum of wellness, and principles and practices to support you moving forward towards optimal health.
Holistic Health Coaching is recognition that our mind and body are not separate entities and for true health, we need to look at and understand all aspects of ourselves..
To have an understanding of your physical health or uncover any underlying health concerns, it is important to look at many factors such as diet, food quality and timing, digestive function, toxicity levels, environmental factors, hydration levels, hormonal balances, musculoskeletal tension or pain as well as any autonomic nervous system dysfunctions. This is a solid foundation to start with, but it is becoming more widely recognised that to achieve lasting success in your health and wellness, you need to address other areas such as stress, sleep, emotions, mindset, belief systems and other lifestyle factors.

Health Seminars – for schools and businesses

Do you have professional development days, training days or just want to give your team or clients a thought provoking presentation that allows them to take something home.
A small investment in health and wellbeing programs can result in substantial gains in health and productivity. However, the additional benefits including the feel good factor are worth just as much such as retaining productive employees.
Organic Instinct’s Holistic Health Coach, Derya Kucukali offers a series of seminars to suit your school or company’s needs.
Presentations are engaging and relevant to the needs and desires of individuals and organisations.

Presentation Topics include:

  • Lunchbox Makeover – great for school children and parent forums. Learn about foods to include and avoid for healthier, smarter, happier children (and parents).
  • Additive Alert – Feeling flustered about all the numbers and codes and unpronounceable ingredients on food. Let us show you how to decipher the chemical maze.
  • Cold and Flu season away! Sharing the art of boosting the immune system in preparation for the cold and flu season. Great for May – June period, just before work and school absenteeism due to illness is at its peak.
  • Gut health and Immunity – bring an end to brain fog and fatigue and digestive ailments. Regain health and vitality.
  • We can tailor a presentation to suit your needs – send us an email at info@organicinstinct.net.au to discuss your requirements.